Yes is More

Bjarke Ingels

November 11, 2009
400 pages, 9.9 x 6.8 x 1.1 inches

Yes is More is an archicomic about architectural evolution taking the form of a book and an exhibition. The idea is to expose the behind-the-scenes-story of how architecture happens, how ideas take form and how shapes evolve. Architecture is never triggered by a single event, never conceived by a single mind, and never shaped by a single hand. Neither is it the direct  materialization of a personal agenda or pure ideals, but rather the result of an ongoing adaptation to the multiple conflicting forces flowing through society. We architects don’t control the city - we can only aspire to intervene. Architecture evolves from the collision of political, economical, functional, logistic, cultural, structural, environmental, social and many yet unnamed and unforeseeable interests. Bruce Mau once visited our office and we showed him a series of projects including a study on Danish harbor activities. He was fascinated by the study and asked us to mail him the powerpoint as he was leaving the next day. When he received it he replied: “No, no. I want the one you explained when we were there.” We assured him it was the same one.  He said “It’s interesting. In most cases when you see architects work, it’s dead drawings and superficial images. But when you get a tour of the office or visit a building with the architect, you feel the energy and get all these little punch lines and invisible stories that make the whole work come to life! Too bad it’s so hard to capture in an exhibition, or even worse in a book!”

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