The Majestic Game

Luca Pozzi

4000 x 400 x 35 cm, 160 m²
Laminam ceramic foils, tennis balls Wilson #1, neodymium magnets, Carson premium quality wire, LED lights system

Luca Pozzi has created The Majestic Game as a 160 m2 site-specific installation for the Laminam Expo 2013. The Majestic Game challenges, invites one to play on a field where past, present and future merge, where it is possible to travel at the speed of light and be in multiple places simultaneously. The wall becomes the playful device.

Covered by Laminam black intense ceramic foils, structured by 12 lighting windows and 13 magnetic screens or doors, Wilson #1 tennis balls are suspended against the wall’s surface through the magnetic pull of attraction. Instead of the conventional concepts of static demarcation, linearity and flatness, the wall is enhanced through distortion and energy. Influenced by particle physics, Luca conceives the material of the installation as living, changing and subject to cosmological and subatomic phenomena normally invisible at ordinary scale.

Courtesy Galleria Federico Luger, Milan.

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