Sandbox Series

Andreas Angelidakis

3D Prints

Angelidakis's Sandbox Series illustrates the essential tenet of his work -- that architecture exists across printed media, be it virtual, textual or three-dimensional. Here buildings become both visionary and real, animate and object-like taking on various personalities, recalling the poetic characters of John Hejduk and the visionary works of the Memphis group. As the architect writes: They at once primitive and futuristic, actual and virtual. The houses represent "an escape from everyday reality similar to a vacation ... and at the same time it is a proposal for a realistic, sustainable, portable and energy independent beach home." These works first appeared together in a Sandbox, and were similarly reproduced within printed text, each of which Angelidakis considers architecture.

To be produced for ASAP in tandem with a forthcoming installation. Date to be announced.

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