23 x 17.5 cm
Ink on paper

SAN ROCCO is an idea that assumes the form of a publication. It is a collaborative work, made by Salottobuono together with 2A+P/A, baukuh, Stefano Graziani, office kgdvs, pupilla grafik, and Giovanna Silva. It was inspired by the need for a critical journal within and outside of Italy, and was inspired Oppositions – the journal founded in 1973 by the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies* and whose editors included Peter Eisenman, Kenneth Frampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Anthony Vidler, and Kurt Forster. Each issue is dedicated to a theme and the series is conceived with a shelf life: to include 20 issues only, that are predetermined (but may change to respond to current events). Currently in its 4th issue, previous issues of San Rocco have been dedicated to: Innocence, Islands, The Even Covering of the Field, and Mistakes. The journal acts a means of production, for which the editors and contributors produce drawings – that can be considered paper works of architecture, or literally a kind of writing of architecture via the medium of drawing – and exhibitions. A theme is explored through multiple media, that write it into the history of architecture. San Rocco can thus be considered an archive in its own right.

The cover to the first issue (shown below) is a redrawing of an axonometric by Arata Isozaki, and its frontal views recall the drawing traditions of John Hejduk, among others. ASAP is currently collaborating with San Rocco to develop a series of prints that recall the visionary works of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Thus printing – be it the journal, the text, the drawing, or the 3-d model -- thus becomes the media of architecture, or otherwise said, architecture its own right.

Editor: Matteo Ghidoni. Editorial board: Matteo Costanzo, Francesca Pellicciari, Giovanni Piovene, Giovanna Silva, Pier Paolo Tamburelli. Graphic design: pupilla grafik, Salottobuono, Paolo Carpi. Copy editing: Krystina Stermole. Website: Michele Marchetti. Administration: Ludovico Centis.

Collection ASAP.

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