Movement Notations


841 x 520 mm; dimensions variable
Indian ink on paper; Ink jet print

Post-Works designed the set for ‘Episodes Of Flight’ by choreographer Rosemary Butcher. The piece was commissioned as part of the Dance Umbrella Festival 2008 and shown at the Riverside Studios, London and the Muffathalle, Munich. The piece is currently on tour in Europe and North America. Rosemary Butcher’s choreography follows an archival journey across the United States and in particular New York, where Rosemary Butcher studied at the time of the Judson Church movement. The concept centres on an interaction with a remembered past, specific to the urban environment of New York in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In the choreography, a rigorous physical journey is marked by a single figure measuring out a pathway within a confined space. Post-Works’s set consisted of two projection screens that framed the extremities of the performance space and a film projected onto the screens that ran for the length of the performance. The film consisted of a series of fictional gridded landscapes and movement notations, that emphasised particular narrative strands within the choreography and mimicked the movement of the dancer. The projected film aimed to act both in union and in disjunction with Rosemary Butcher's choreographed movement.

Performed at : Muffathalle, Munich and Riverside Studios, London, November 2008

Commissioned by: Dance Umbrella and Dance Venture Munich, Supported by: the Arts Council, England

Choreographer: Rosemary Butcher

Dancer: Elena Gianotti

Lighting: Charles Balfour

Sound: Cathy Lane

Collection ASAP.

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