Manual of Decolonization


18 x 11.8 cm
Ink on paper

The Manual of Decolonization has been conceived within the frame of "Decolonizing Architecture: scenarios for the transformation of Israeli settlements", a project by the London–Bethlehem based architectural studio of Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti and Eyal Weizman. Decolonizing Architecture was originally conceptualized and its pilot stage produced in dialogue with Eloisa Haudenschild & Steve Fagin partners in Spare Parts, a division of the Haudenschild Garage.

There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli built structures in the West Bank: the Manual of Decolonization seeks to determine to what extent these structures are flexible to accommodate new collective uses, according to the hypothesis of a future withdrawal of the Israeli population from the Palestinian Territories. It demonstrates the various ways in which they can be adapted or transformed, on a detailed architectural scale.

Published by: A&Mbookstore Edizioni, Milano 2010.

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