Case Study House No.27

Alison Moffett

33 x 33 cm
Graphite and ink on paper, after 1969 photograph of the moon

Alison Moffett’s Case Study House No.27 is an aerial drawing of one of the historic Case Study Houses of the 1960s. The Case Study House Program, pioneered by John Entenza and sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine, were experiments in American residential architecture designed and built in Southern California from 1945 until 1966 as a response to the post-war cultural climate of the late 1940s. Case Study House No.27 was one particular house, designed by Campbell and Wong in 1963 that was never fully realized. Moffett’s use of one of the unbuilt homes of the Case Study House program and her insertion of the house on the moon is deeply surreal. The drawing is considered to be architecture itself, much like the visionary architectural drawings of the 1960s and 1970s. The artist is currently producing three more drawings in the series that will become part of the collection of ASAP and displayed within its inaugural year.

Collection ASAP, gift of the artist.

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